Podcast Listener Consumers


Based on a 2017 Research done by Edison Research.

Podcast hosts drive more engagement with their listeners. Our hosts endorse your brand and listeners trust what they say. It isn't an commercial from some person you've never seen before or an annoying ad pop-up it's a ringing endorsement from someone you spend time with every week! The podcast format is different than that of Youtube or Cable tv. You are actively engaged and listening to something that YOU want to hear, not just what happens to be on at the moment.


Based on the 2017 Research conducted by Edison Research.

Monthly Podcast User Age 12+

Based on a 2017 Research done by Edison Research.

Nearly ALL of podcast users are above the age of 17. Users are more affluent and educated listeners who are engaged in what they are listening to.

Monthly Podcast Users Household Income 18+

Based on a 2017 Research done by Edison Research.

Podcasters are more likely to have more disposable income and are more likely to try your products or services. about 45% of podcasters household income is above 75K

Monthly Podcast Listening

% ever listened to a podcast

*A 2017 Edison Research study estimates that 112 mil. people have listened to podcasts

The amount of active monthly users has steadily gone up and the market is getting more attention more than ever driving more and more people to find shows that they connect with. 

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